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Acuredge by Devoteam  

Leading GRC solution dedicated to continuous Risk and Compliance monitoring for Sustainable Performance

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RVR Parad becomes Acuredge

In order to foster its international development and continue its investments on the software platform

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Acuredge provides solutions for :

  • Risk management → detail
  • Control and Compliance → detail
  • Audit → detail
  • Sustainability and ESG reporting → detail
  • Resilience → detail
  • Data analytics and automation → detail

These solutions are proposed in a modular platform, with a risk-based approach and a 360 vision on risks, integrating the 3 lines of defense.

The  software platform is used by thousands of users in leading companies and organizations, across all industries and sectors.

The solution is available on SaaS and on-Premise.

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Why choose Acuredge ?

A leading solution 

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Highly configurable and scalable
  • Multiple dashboards and reports
  • High standards of security
  • Easy integration into the Customer IS

An implementation method adapted to the Customer

Two methods of implementing the software depending on the context and maturity of the Client:

« Custom made »: application configuration according to the specific needs of the customer with access to all functionalities

« Easy pack »: adapting a preconfigured application with access limited to the main functionalities

A long-term relationship with our Clients

  • The Users Club defines the strategic development topics of the platform
  • We build the roadmap in partnership with our Clients
  • We support our clients as their needs and maturity evolve

A short video to present the solution

To find more about Acuredge and to get a demo of the solution

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