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You want to digitize your overall audit process to be more efficient

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Acuredge Audit provides a wide range of features to manage efficiently the overall audit process from the audit plan design to the recommandations and action plans follow up

Audit plan design and follow up

The solution assists in the audit plan design through a ranking of the auditable universe. It also enables to create, plan and assign the missions. it is possible to follow-up the initial and the current audit plan .

Audit preparation

The solution allows the management of different types of audit (financial, transversal by process , cyber, quality, ESG, insurance, ..), the definition of the scope of the audit, the planning and assignment of resources by step of the mission, the preparation of the work program from a library of audit tests or ad hoc tests creation

Data analytics

It is possible to upload raw data from other systems and identify anomalies according to predefined control scenarios

Audit performance and audit report

The auditor may assess the audit tests, create findings and recommendations, and give an overall conclusion of the mission. Audit mission report(s) may be automatically edited according to the customer template.

Recommendations and action plan follow up

The solution facilitates the follow-up of the recommendations and the associated action plans and triggers configurable reminder notification to the auditees

Dashboard and reports

Integrated dashboards and reports to follow up the progress of the audit plan, the missions, the audit tests, recommendations and action plans. The solution offers cross-analyses between audit work and the risk and control framework.