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A leading GRC solution dedicated to continuous risk and compliance monitoring for Sustainable Performance

Within Acuredge, we believe that an efficient risk and compliance management system gives a sustainable competitive edge to organizations.

Based on the best GRC practices, we offer a software platform with a risk-based approach and integrating the 3 lines of control.

To monitor compliance in a world with ever more regulations and with ever higher penalties, the solution offers regulatory compliance management

As the pressure from stakeholders regarding ESG issues increases, our solution covers the management of the financial and the non-financial performance of organizations.

Facing the challenging acceleration of events, organizations may no longer be satisfied with periodic assessments of risks, controls and/or audit priorities.

Thus, we offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from the technological innovations of our platform to move towards permanent monitoring of risk and compliance.

Our values

Our cultural mindset, combined with our
values define the way we want to work as
one powerful Devoteam.


  • Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Be professional and fulfill commitments.
  • Know that your colleague’s time and work is just as valuable as yours.
  • Make guests and new team members feel welcome.
  • Feel responsible – and connected to – Devoteam’s resources.


  • Offer all relevant resources and support to your team, to give the clearest view. 
  • Improve a situation, over criticizing it. 
  • Highlight risks and own up if you’re not right for a task. 
  • Learn and share from positive and negative experiences. 
  • Manage internal issues without impacting on our efficiency.


  • Bring value, new ideas and share knowledge. 
  • Be proud of your teams, your work and the value you deliver to the customer. 
  • Protect, encourage and strengthen long-term relationships. 
  • See opportunity in change. 
  • Work to develop Devoteam.

At Devoteam we believe in the power of technology to change the world for the better

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