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You want to identify critical activities and assets within your organization, draft and test business continuity plans and better manage crisis

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Acuredge Resilience provides Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity management linked to the risk and crisis management

Critical assets mapping and Business Impact Analysis

The solution enables to map critical assets and their interdependencies (applications, activities, infrastructures, external vendors) and to manage the Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Administration of Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The solution allows to draft Business Continuity Plans, related to risks and critical assets, structured in phases and actions in a Gantt chart display, with the associated documentation. The BCP report may be easility edited. It also facilitates the maintenance in operational conditions (MCO) of the BCP.

Test of Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The solution enables to define disaster scenarios, deduce the cascade of impacts, propose a consolidated business continuity plan and monitor the execution its actions. A report compares the real execution of the BCO to the theoritical one.

Crisis management

The solution gives quick access to the crisis directory, has mass alerting functionalities (SMS ou email), anf may recor the daybook of the crisis