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You want to structure and sustain your risk management process

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Acuredge Risk offers a full functional cover of the risk management cycle, adapted to each sector and to each type of risk

Identify risks

Risks may be identified from the organization’s risk universe (top down) or directly created locally (bottom up)

Assess risks

Risks may be assessed in impact and probability at the inherent, residual and target levels. It is also possible to assess risk control.

Mitigate risks

Risk officers may define and assess mitigation actions : controls, action plans, …

Edit risk maps and analysis

The solution allows you to generate risk maps by organizational levels, objectives, processes, risk categories and customizable reports

Collect an follow up risk events

The solution also provides an incident and loss database : it is possible to create for each incident a form with the evaluation of losses, the remediation plan,… and the associated risk(s)

Implement a risk monitoring process

The solution offers a 360 vision of risks with all the associated elements from the 3 lines of defense and the risk owner will receive alerts if their evolution is likely to impact the risk assessment